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Woodbridge SCUBA's instructors are certified to teach a wide variety of diving courses including:

2022 Class Schedule

Class Cost Class Cost
Open Water (OW) - See details below $649.00 Navigation** $175.00
Try SCUBA* $50.00 Night and Limited Visibility** $175.00
Snorkeling** $50.00 Search and Recovery** $175.00
Refresher Scuba Skills Update $90.00 Dry Suit Specialty** $190.00
Equipment Techniques** $100.00 Underwater Digital Photography** $175.00
First Aid / CPR / O2 Provider** $150.00 Stress and Rescue** $200.00
Boat Diver** $150.00 Advanced Open Water*** $550.00
Wreck Diver** $175.00 Computer Diving $75.00
Deep Diver** $175.00 Science of Diving $175.00
Perfect Buoyancy $90.00 Assistant Instructor** $1,495.00
Enriched Air Nitrox** $175.00 Open Water Instructor** $2,500.00

* Can apply cost to Open Water class
** Price includes course materials and digital certification card
*** Choose any 4 of the following: Deep, Night & Limited Vis, Science of Diving, Perfect Buoyancy, Nitrox, Navigation, Boat, Wreck, or Search & Recovery

Open Water Course Details

Cost: $649.00 - Includes digital learning, one classroom session, pool training, diver certification card, digital logbook, mouthpiece and air fills. Use in all pool and open water dives of the following: Tanks, Regulator with gauges, Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), Wet suit, Hood, gloves, Weight belt, and weights.

The Student will be responsible for providing the following:

  • Personal Dive Gear - Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots and admission to the lake/quarry for open water dives
  • When you purchase all of your personal dive gear from Woodbridge Scuba you will receive 10% off.

Steps to Obtain Open Water Certification:

  1. Check the SSI medical form. If you answer "YES" to any of the medical questions, you will be required to provide your doctor's certification that you are physically fit to dive on or before the first day of class.
  2. Set up your profile at and choose Woodbridge Scuba as your Dive Center.
  3. Call or stop by Woodbridge Scuba to put down at least a $200.00 deposit toward the cost of the class.  At that point we will activate the Open Water Diver Program online.
  4. Upon completing the online class, contact Woodbridge Scuba to set up a time to come by the shop for paperwork, test and fitting.
  5. Schedule pool time with the instructor.  Current available dates are; July 23 & 24, August 6 & 7, August 20 & 21, September 24 & 25, Oct 15 & 16.
  6. Congratulations!  Now that you have completed all of the steps 1-6 you are now a certified Open Water Diver.  Ready to explore the 70% of the world that is underwater.
Private or special group lessons may be arranged. Cost may differ from the regular published prices and schedule.

Be Sure To Check Medical Requirements
SSI Medical Form

Check Out the Online Training
SSI Online Training

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