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Snorkeling Class

Cost: $75.00

SSI is the first training agency with a complete Snorkeling Education System.

Snorkeling is a very relaxing and at the same time exciting activity which is suitable for all age levels. You may have never thought of learning how to snorkel but to get the most out of your snorkeling experience you need to learn the right skills in quality snorkeling equipment.

For those who want to know more, you can purchase the Snorkel Diver Kit. This kit provides background information, practical application and hints for an enjoyable snorkeling holiday. If you are interested in equipment counseling, visit your local SSI Dive Center!

Combine your snorkeling adventures with other related activities like Digital Underwater Photography and Shark Diver. The possibilities are limitless!

Discover a complete new feeling! Snorkeling means pure enjoyment and adventure at the same time. It is much easier than you might think and anyone can learn. This is your chance to experience a whole new world.

We hope you have a lot of fun while gliding with your Instructor through the blue. If you want to continue your underwater adventures in the future, contact your local SSI Facility or your next resort destination. The opportunities are limitless with more than 2000 SSI Dive Centers in more than 110 countries ready to serve you. The only thing you have to do is choosing your SSI Dive Center.

2024 Snorkeling Class Schedule

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